The Crystal Dawn


Jo Leath Numerologist, Labyrinth Facilitator, Guide to The Shift, Claircognizant Empath.

Depending on the needs & focus of the client,
I include in my readings as well:
Number Runes
Labyrinth Work
Oracle Cards

Jo is excited by the soul-beauty of her clients and seeks to remind them of their gifts and abilities. She has been preparing and delivering Numerology Charts since the early 1980s, uncovering clues about the Life Intentions of her clients. With this information it is possible to divine what 'next steps' are suggested, and to explore the options worth considering.
Jo is a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and a Conduit for Synchronicity. Over the decades she has studied widely and built a diverse array of skills.
The Numbers that are vibrating in your field are leading you forward to your fullest and most joyful life. Jo can help you to access to the Wisdom of the Universe that you are here to express.

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