The Crystal Dawn


Akashic Records Consultant

Exploring the Akashic Records ... with Krista Dunlop

With your permission, Krista will open your Akashic Record. A connection to your Masters, teachers and higher self. It is an archive of you and your soul's journey. Patterns are waiting in the body to be recognized and released. Through story telling, energy and body awareness, we get into the deeper layers of remembrance. It is an extraordinary opportunity to experience and let go of those aspects of self, that are still caught in reaction to something that is no longer part of our reality. When those responses are cleared, then once again we can stand in the present moment and respond with love.

Krista Dunlop is an Akashic Records Consultant. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Animal Intuitive. The Akashic Records, along with other healing modalities and particularly working with marine life and wildlife, have been an invaluable, loving and compassionate resource for Krista's growth and transformation process. Together, she wants to share it with you and explore the essential consciousness concepts of your Akashic Record, excavate the obstructing beliefs on your path and learn how to realign to your soul's highest purpose through the Akashic Records unlimited manifestation resource tool.

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