The Crystal Dawn



Vikki MacKinnon is an Author, International Speaker, Intuitive Numerologist, and Life Path Mentor. She has read for hundreds of clients in North America, Britain, and Japan. Vikki can help you connect with the wisdom and guidance of your personal numbers, and feel prepared to work in positive ways as your future unfolds.

The ancient wisdom of numerology will:
╰☆Enhance your self-esteem and bring greater self-awareness
╰☆Help you choose a career path that honours your unique skills and talents
╰☆Help you to find a romantic partner, or to enhance the partnership that you already have
╰☆Help you to understand and meet the needs of your children
╰☆Help you to gain perspective on past issues and release self-defeating patterns
╰☆Help you clarify your sense of direction and set attainable goals
╰☆Show you how to combine the Power of Numbers with the Law of Attraction
╰☆Provide you with necessary tools and information for making life altering decisions and dealing with major changes
╰☆Show you how to avoid pitfalls and make the best possible use of your time and energy
╰☆Provide an accurate and insightful forecast for your personal year
╰☆Provide you with a clearer understanding of your Sacred Contract
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